Handmade Jewelry – Some Advantages Of Buying These Beautiful Pieces

Silver jewelry has been ruling the roost in terms of affordably priced jewelry for a long time now and this is because of the umpteen number of reasons that have been explored in various other posts of mine like the lower cost of working on silver and the large number of skilled workers who decide to manipulate silver much to the delight of all the silver jewelry enthusiasts out there.Handmade silver jewelry caters to an entirely different market segment. One that does not pay attention to the brand name but rather to the quality of the silver jewelry pieces. This is because handmade silver jewelry does not have the backing of the big brands which are made from the factories of the large corporations who control the big jewelry makers.When one speaks of handmade jewelry there is actually a large variety of such designs. They can be the spun jewelry which is made of fine threaded components made to form a beautiful chain. Or they could be chunkier necklaces and bracelets that give a lot of scope for customization of it’s every part. These customizations may include anything from glass beads, silver trinkets, silver hooks, precious and semi-precious stones that are affixed by various ingenuous methods and look very attractive indeed.If there is one reasonable disadvantage to handmade jewelry, it is that sometimes you may find that such pieces cost a little or significantly more than the normally made silver jewelry pieces. However, this is to be expected since the handmade pieces are manufactured by a human who uses his or her own hands to craft the piece. Hence, the handmade items are usually of a higher calibre and also much more innovative in design and unique in concept than the run-of-the-mill factory made ones.Some of the raw materials that jewelers use to craft exotic looking handmade silver jewelry pieces range from even pearls of different sizes and colors to resin work, enamel and mirror work that is embedded in intricate patterns amidst the delicate silver work.Silver handmade jewelry are sometimes created as a cultural tradition in the case of a few cultures who pride themselves on the exquisite work their artisans are able to conjure. Such examples are seen in Thai culture wherein the silver jewelers are sometimes from the indigenous tribes among which there exist several extremely skilled craftsmen capable of making timeless designs. Thai jewelry is traditionally heavier than the lightweight stuff that is seen with more and more regularity today. However, this only adds to the charm that such pieces bring to the person who wears it. Some of the pieces have chunky additions to them that transform the look of the wearer to that of a bold one. However, there exists several variants of Thai handmade jewelry that is also light and trendy to wear and admire. So you can choose as per your liking.Hence, from this article you can be sure that handmade jewelry products are an entirely different deal from those common factory produced silver jewelry pieces that lack any newness in design. When you buy a handmade silver jewelry piece what you get is not just a jewelry set but also an object that has been made uniquely by a skilled artisan working on it giving it his or her entire focus and thought. Thus it is worth much more than a normal jewelry piece.

Jewelry Boxes for Women: The Essentials of Jewelry Storage and Care

Jewelry is usually the most valuable part of a woman’s wardrobe and that is why it is important to store it and care for it as carefully as possible. In case you are not sure about the best way to store and maintain your jewelry this article contains some helpful guidelines.The first step in storing and caring for jewelry is to consolidate it in an area dedicated to this purpose. Boxes ranging from dresser top boxes to stand-alone armoires are perfect for this. The size and type of the box that you select will depend on the volume and variety of your jewelry collection.The importance of a proper jewelry box or armoire is that it will give you a chance to organize your jewelry. Instead of dumping everything in one drawer, you will have the possibility of placing the jewelry in a way that will make it easier to find what you want as well as protect your valuable items from damage.A good rule of thumb is that you should store your jewelry as it is worn. Necklaces, which hang around your neck, should be stored in a hanging position on hooks or hangers. Some jewelry boxes, and most armoires, have compartments on the side that swing open and allow you to hang your necklaces on hooks or hangers. Necklaces stored in this way will not get tangled or break as a result of improper storage.Earrings also need special care. Look for a jewelry box that has lined compartments that allow you to store the pairs together. This will prevent you from losing one of the earrings or damaging them, as might happen if you just tossed them a dresser drawer.Rings also need special attention. If you have several rings then select a jewelry box with padded ring rolls. These will enable you to store the rings so they do not touch and scratch each other.Many cases have padded or suede-like linings and you should place brooches and hair jewelry in these lined areas.Do you have a lot of bracelets? If so then think about getting and armoire with a bracelet bar. Otherwise make sure to hang your chain bracelets on hooks in the jewelry box or store them lying flat in individual compartments.Just as it is important for you to store your jewelry nicely, it is important to keep in mind what “not” to put in these cases. Lipstick cases and lip balm cases, spare eyeglasses, jewelry cleaning or repair products, heavy watches, and other miscellaneous items have no place in your jewelry box. Not only will they clutter the jewelry storage area, but they might even damage some of your prize items.If you follow these guidelines you can gradually expand your jewelry collection and always be able to choose exactly what you want to wear. In addition, careful storage will enable you to protect your jewelry from accidental damage.