Winter Survival Kit Recommendations and Accessories for Your Truck

Winter is here and the time is ripe for skidding off the road and into a mess of trouble you may not have planned for. Using your truck’s underseat storage boxes or vehicle organizers you’ll be able to pack for the extreme circumstances weather can produce on the road.The following items are helpful when you find yourself in a weather related situation:
Wireless phone (cell phone).
Blankets (more than one)
A ‘hand crank’ radio or a radio with extra batteries.
High energy food. Energy bars, candy bars, hard candies, dried fruit (raisins, dates), jerky and granola bars.
Books and magazines to keep you from being bored and falling asleep.
Extra warm clothing. Don’t be afraid to have an extra pair of gloves, hat, parka, coat, ski mask even boots available if you are traveling for long distances in unfamiliar areas.
An alternative source of heat. Pack more than one wick candle can heater. Don’t forget your matches to light your candle. Some lighters won’t work in extreme cold.
Water in a metal container. You can use the container to melt snow to be used for drinking water when your initial supply runs out.
Toilet paper or tissues
Orange (bright) cloth to signal for help
Nylon rope
First Aid Kit
Flashlight and batteries
Multipurpose tool and knife
Plastic whistleIf you do go off the road and become stuck in a ditch; please remember to stay in your vehicle. Use your phone to call 911 and tell authorities your location and your situation. Staying warm and dry is imperative.Please remember to always charge your phone before venturing out in any kind of weather during the winter months. Calm days can be deceptive and while roads may appear clear and free of obstacles, black ice and drifting snow can appear out of nowhere.Drive safe and tune your radio to the local AM weather alert station to keep abreast of any rapid changes in the forecast.

Wooden Jewelry Boxes for Women – An Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Gift

If you want to express your love to someone, and you really mean it, then you should get a gift that will last for a long time. A wooden jewelry box is a “lifetime” purchase and is as meaningful as the jewelry that is placed inside of it. This article has some guidelines that will help you to select a wooden jewelry box that is perfect for your loved one.There are three basic factors that should be taken into consideration when you begin your search. First, get an idea of the size of the jewelry collection of your gift recipient. If she has a very large and varied collection, then you will want a larger box and one that has the proper storage areas for rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and other jewelry items.The next two factors go hand-in-hand and they are the personal style and the room decor of your sweetheart. Jewelry boxes, chests and armoires range from traditional to contemporary and come in a variety of colors. To give you an idea of the possibilities, let’s take a look at a few popular styles.The “Regal” by Reed and Barton is a classic heirloom mahogany jewelry box handcrafted in a timeless design featuring earring, bracelet and necklace storage. Its top section has four divided jewelry compartments with three generous ring rolls. Then there is a drawer which is divided into 35 earring compartments. The bottom drawer is divided and can accommodate bracelets and pins. The lid contains necklace hooks with a shirred pocket. This box can handle a varied jewelry collection and is elegant looking. It lists for $260 but with some smart shopping you can get it for around $200.A completely different look can be found in the White Jewelry Armoire which is a stand-alone piece of furniture. With Queen Anne inspired drawer pulls plus a mirrored lid, lined jewelry storage and aged white finish, this is a jewelry armoire which is ready to store all types of jewelry and will blend with traditional and vintage decor.It features a lift lid with mirror with a divided top section with ring storage, swing out necklace sides with three large hooks per side and six gliding drawers. It lists for $450 but with special offers you can get it for less than $300.Great jewelry boxes last not only for the lifetime of the first user, but are often handed down from generation to generation. They are passed down from mother to daughter or grandmother to granddaughter and are true heirlooms. Heirloom jewelry chests are solidly crafted in a variety of woods including ash, popular, mahogany, maple or teak, or from quality wood composities with rare wood veneers such as burlwood, bubinga, ebony or sapeli.Speaking of woods let’s conclude with a consideration of the different finishes that are available on the most popular jewelry boxes. Cherry is a popular finish and many boxes are constructed with other hard woods and then given a cherry finish. Mahogany is another wood finish that is reddish brown. This dark wood has a strait grain and is free of voices and pockets. If you polish the wood, over time you will get a beautiful reddish sheen. Another popular finish is walnut. Walnut boxes have a rich brown color and their traditional feel allows them to blend with many styles of decor. As with cherry, it is very rare to find a solid walnut jewelry box, and most walnut jewelry boxes will be constructed out of hardwood with a walnut finish applied. If it’s a contemporary look you’re after, then a wooden jewelry box finished in espresso will blend with modern decor.Consider all of these factors and then select a jewelry box that will be prized for years to come.